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Scotty's Reverse Sear Prime Rib

Prime Rib

We had the privelege of cooking Father's Day weekend at the Denver BBQ Festival. On Saturday Scotty cooked up the finest prime rib we have ever seen. When we asked him about why he chose to cook prime rib his answer was, it is one of those dishes that can satisfy everyone whether you like your steak well done or medium rare. There is something for everyone. Make sure to check out our entire Denver Q Photo Gallery!


  • Bone In Prime Rib Roast

  • Fresh Ground Black Pepper

  • Sea Salt

  • Rack Attack Rib Rub


  1. Heat smoker to 250 and smoke for 3 hours.

  2. Pull off smoker

  3. Sear Prime Rib over direct heat, rotating to get a nice crisp Char on all sides. Pull prime rib when desired internal temperature is met. We like to cook our Prime rib to 135-140 degrees for a medium-rare

  4. Let rest 20 minutes, slice enjoy.

Helpful Tip: Once your Prime Rib is cooked to your desired temperature, if someone in your party likes a more well done piece, throw an individual slice back on the grill. This will make your guest happy without feeling like you have to over cook your entire gorgeous prime rib to satisfy those medium to well done meat eaters.

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