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Georges Lambda Lambda Lamb Chops

The Shed BBQ Lambchops

These lamb chops are a spin on our family recipe and our friend George cooked them on our Vision Grills to perfection. They are melt in your mouth delectable greatness. Lamb can be intimidating but rest assured it is not as hard as it looks.




  1. Coat whole rack of lamb with olive oil and season liberally with Herbs de Provence.

  2. Mix 1 bottle The Shed BBQ's Original "Southern Sweet" ShedSpred 1/3 cup Fig Jam and 1 Tbs Herbs de Provence, heat on low stirring often to prevent burning.

  3. Wrap exposed bones individually with tin foil to prevent burning.

  4. Pre -Heat grill to medium heat (approx. 350-375d) placing your coals on one side to create a two zone heat source.

  5. Place rack of lamb on direct heat turning often to get a good sear on all sides.

  6. Move rack of lamb to indirect heat side of grill and continue cooking until internal temperature reaches 10 degrees less then desired final temperature.

  7. Remove foil from bones, baste rack of lamb with finishing sauce.

  8. Remove rack of lamb when desired internal temperature is reached. We suggest cooking lamb to medium rare-medium.

  9. Pro Tip: Cook lamb tot medium rare, slice into individual chops, baste with sauce and sear on grill to medium. (pictured)


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